Monkey Baa’s Emily Eyefinger is a Joyous Romp

Monkey Baa’s Emily Eyefinger is a Joyous Romp

Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brook
Illustration: Craig Smith

Emily Eyefinger STARS at the Seymour Theatre ~Monkey Baa Theatre for Young People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The theatre was crowded, the audience ranged from 5 to 85 – and everyone was laughing with the crazy and joyous characters of Emily Eyefinger, Aunt Olympia, Malcolm Mousefinder, Arthur Crim and the hilarious professor Mousefinder.

It was a romp – the best of  slapstick, the best of animation interacting with live characters, the best of performances!!

The actors were HILARIOUS!!!!! – starring:-

Tim McGarry – the world’s dumbest ‘crim’ and smartest Mouseologist.

Sandra Eldridge – eccentricity is gorgeous with Aunt Olympia

Dannielle Jackson -the cutest Emily Eyefinger with a dilemma

Douglas Hansell – master of the melodramatic moment- what a criminal!

Christopher Childs-Maidment – the most endearing ‘MOUSE’ ever

The feel-good theme was warm and wonderful – It’s OK to be different!!!

 The creative team of Eva DiCesare, Tim McGarry and Sandra Eldridge – adapted the Emily Eyefinger series to create a theatrical romp that is pure delight.

The professionalism, stage craft, integration of animation led by Andrew Hagan, costume design, sound, the dramaturg Caleb Lewis (who also did I Am Jack).  …. is the best of theatre.

Did everyone love Monkey Baa’s adaptation of Duncan Ball’s Emily Eyefinger?

Eye  (aye) to that!!!!

For the 2011 Season of Emily Eyefinger contact:-



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