Australia Day Celebrations

Australia Day Celebrations

Deng Thiak Adut Australia day address 2016Opening of Australia Day lunch at Luna Park

Australia Day on 26th January is truly a celebration of ‘Freedom from Fear’ as stated in the Australia Address by Deng Thiak Adut Sudanese refugee who was stolen at 6 to become a boy soldier. After years of horror, he eventually was sponsored to come to Australia. Through his determination and courage, and the support of the community, he is today a social justice advocate, lawyer

The afternoon canapes overlooking the Botanical Gardens after the address included people from many parts of the Australian community -author Tom Keneally, human rights advocate and photographer Diane MacDonald, His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC , Chairman of the Australia Day Council NSW Angelos Frangopoulos.

Tm Keneally at Australia Day address 2016Australia Day lunch Justice Crew 2016Premier of NSW Mike Baird opens Australia Day celebrations 2016

Premier Mike Baird gave a moving Australia Day message of inclusion that we are one people at the beautiful Australia Day lunch at Luna Park.

Justice Crew the funkiest rap and dance cool guy group and the stunning singer Jessica Mauboy entertained us. The satiric comedy duo HG and Roy and the MC media personality Tony Squires were hilarious. We celebrated Tennis Champions and Australia Post have created stamps – lucky me (and everyone at the lunch) got a 1st day envelope with the 12 stamps.

My table had fabulous Australia Day Ambassadors – Suzie Edelman media personality and author, Warwick Nowland champion motor cycle rider,  Stephan Kerkyasharian former President of the Anti Discrimination Board and … lots of others.

On 25th January I fly to Parkes-Condoblin to begin my Australia Day Ambassador talks. It’s an honour and a privilege to be speak and I LOVE it. #AusDaySusanne at Botantical Garden party after the Australia Day address

Aus DaAustralia Day lunch with Suzie Edelman and Susanne GervayOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


I'm a writer committed to kids in particular. Adults are good too. Want to bring hope through story to my readers. Awarded an Order of Australia, Lady Cutler Award and a Lifetime International Award for Literacy for my body of work, spreading literacy is really important. I'm head of SCBWI Australia East & New Zealand, patron of Monkey Baa Theatre, Ambassador for the Premier's Reading Challenge, Writer Ambassador for Room to Read ... among other roles. I also love heritage and adapting to enhance the lives of people today, which is why I restored The Hughenden Hotel 1870s and The Residences Centennial Park - the only homes in the parklands which are open now for accommodation, events and lots of nature.


  1. Denae 2 years ago

    Hello ms Gervay

    i have a couple questions:
    #1 Do you have a pet? I don’t, but i really want a teacup pig (it’s as big as a teacup when it’s born) or a sausage dog.
    #2 What is your favorite flower? Mine is Sunflowers; they are so bright and colourful and they make me happy.
    #3 What is your favorite colour? Mine is yellow
    #4 How many more books are you planning to write?
    #5 Is Anna as old as Jack?
    #6 Do you write every single day?
    #7 How much book do you usually write at a time?
    a huge fan
    denae xx

  2. Author
    Susanne 2 years ago

    I have had many pets, but I only have two budgies now. I feel you need to be there for pets as they love you and don’t understand why you are away and I do author tours a lot.

    My favourite flowers are sunflowers too and they make me happy as well and in my I AM JACK books, they are often in the books.

    Favourite colour – it depends on my mood. Yellow for warmth; red for love; blue for light and pink for sweetness.

    I will write forever, so I don’t know how many books I will write.

    Anna is the same age as Jack.

    I should write every day. I used to but with travel and so many things to do, I often can’t get the time. That makes me sad.

    If I am in the mood I can write all day and all night, but usually I write for a few hours and try to get 500-1000 words. Then I have to rewrite. It’s hard work being a writer but I love it too.

    You can call me Susanne

  3. Denae 2 years ago

    Dear Susanne.
    Thank you. I am thinking of writing a book, and it’s going to be quite funny. Do you mind to give me some tips for starting off? Should I come up with a plot before writing it?
    A huge fan
    PS What is the book Butterfly’s about??

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