I Am Jack

I Am Jack - book cover

'It's my favourite book in the world.' Taylah
'I am a big fan of your books.' Matthew
'I loved your book "I Am Jack". It's really funny but also it's really sad.' Scarlett

I Am Jack's a real story in a real family.
Jack's a great kid
He tells jokes, invents, annoys his sister & has great friends.
Then became bullied at school.
It became really scared.
His Mum didn't know..................

...... but Jack did it with his family, teacher, friends.

He WON against bullying.

"Susanne Gervay's I AM JACK is a significant resource for parents, students and teachers. School bullying can have a devastating effect on a child and the school community. It can happen to anyone. Through story journey, I AM JACK emotionally engages the bullied, bully, other children, teachers, parents exploring important ways to create a safer place."

Monkey Baa Theatre

Photos of I Am Jack, the play
Photos of I Am Jack, the play
Photos of I Am Jack, the play
Photos of I Am Jack, the play
Photos of I Am Jack, the play

Photographs courtesy of The MonkeyBaa Theatre. Used with permission

Alannah & Madeline Foundation logoI Am Jack is a wonderful book recognising the importance of kids, reading and literacy.'
John Wood, founder of Room to Read World Change starts with Educated Children

Stan Davis anti-school bullying advocate, author of Schools Where Everyone Belongs and Empowering Bystanders in Bullying prevention says:-

I Am Jack - USA cover

'I Am Jack is a rare treasure. This endearing and realistic book presents the authentic voice of a young person who is bullied; bystanders, friends, and family members who help him; and educators who protect and support him. Every person in this story has a positive role in stopping bullying behaviour. I recommend this book highly.'

'Gervay deals with a sensitive topic with insight and gentle humour.
I am Jack should be compulsory reading for every parent, teacher, and child aged 8 to 12. It is a truly wonderful book.'
Aussie Reviews

Susanne Gervay is rare in her ability to place common problems for children within the spectrum of normal family life. The result is that she makes it OK for the children to talk about them.
The Age

I Am Jack celebrates kids. Unique, valuable kids who deserve the right to take pride in their own special qualities.
Life Education Australia. Kids for a safer and smarter life - www.lifeeducation.org.au