Gracie and Josh

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Gracie and Josh welcomes everyone of all ages into the story of Incy Wincy Spider, singing, dancing and like Incy Wincy – ‘You just have to try, try and try again’ – because the sun will come out again.

Gracie and Josh is a joyous celebration of all kids, especially those with special needs, their siblings, family and community . It recognises the commonality of emotions, relationships, hope and family in all of us.

‘So brilliantly created, with story and illustrations intricately blended … illness does not become the focus …, but the means by which Gracie and Josh take every moment of life as a precious gift. A sweet telling of siblings loving each other, enjoying each others, and rising above what life throws at them.’

Children’s Book Council

Inspiration for creating Gracie and Josh

VARIETY the children's charity endorses Susanne Gervay and Serena Geddes 'Gracie and Josh'Variety spoke to Susanne Gervay about creating a picture book that shares the journey of children and adults, within families with a special needs child, and the broader community.

Thinking at her computer, she looked up and saw the photo of her daughter dressed as a spider taped onto the bookshelf.

This became the inspiration behind Gracie and Josh where Susanne used the nursery rhyme to acknowledge the challenges and the spirit to celebrate each day.

Then illustrator Serena Geddes embraced ‘Gracie and Josh’ celebrating the joy of children.Serena spent weeks at the school in the chidren’s hospital, played and drew with kids capturing their spirit for Gracie and Josh.

A Disney animator, Serena Geddes is one of Australia’s most loved illustrators. Her books included illustrator for the best selling Lulu Bell series written by Belinda Murrell.