Short Stories and India-Australia Literatures


Susanne Gervay’s award winning stories have been recognized by the University of Canberra, Society of Women Writers, Southerly, Mattoid, Quadrant, Westerly, Voices (Australian National Library), Hermes and numerous literary university publications and included in the acclaimed Indian-Australian anthologies – Fear Factor: Terror Incognito; Alien Shores; Only Connect.

Who are these editors?

Indian-Australian Anthologies – Meenakshi Bharat & Sharon Rundle  


In a visionary new venture of literary collaboration, two writers, one a professor from the University of Delhi and one, an academic from the University of Technology Sydney, collaborated as editors in an anthology opening communication, creative and intellectual dialogue between India and Australia. Since then it has become a bi-annual anthology exciting reviews, discussions, academic and social debate on the issues of our time – terrorism, refugees, technology.

Meenakshi Bharat, University of Delhi, is a writer, translator, reviewer and critic. Some of her published books are: The Ultimate Colony: The Child in Postcolonial Fiction; Rushdie the Novelist; and three volumes of Indo-Australian short fiction entitled Fear Factor: Terror Incognito and Alien Shores: Tales of Refugees and Asylum Seekers;Only Connect.

Sharon Rundle is Chair of the University of Technology Sydney Writers’ Alumni; has served on the Board of Directors of the NSW Writers’ Centre; and is a founding member of Asia Pacific Writers and Translators. She coedited Alien Shores, Fear Factor and Only Connect.

  • 2010 – ‘Fear factor Terror Incognito’
  • 2012 – ‘Alien Shores’
  • 2014 – ‘Only Connect’
  • 2016 – in development
Meenakshi Bharat, Rosie Scott and Sharon Rundle. Susanne Gervay.

Meenakshi Bharat, Rosie Scott and Sharon Rundle

Celebrations at The Hughenden

Susanne Gervay was inspired by these two remarkable women and their literary vision. She travelled with them on their journey, as a short story writer, colleague, University of Technology Sydney Alumni, speaker in both India and Australia.

As part of these anthologies, Susanne Gervay was invited to speak at Delhi University. She also with Meenakshi Bharat and Sharon Rundle spoke about Fear Factor: Terror Incognito in GOA at the Australian Indian Australian Studies – an extraordinary conference of friendship and intellectual debate with academics and writers from all over India and Australia.