That’s Why I Wrote This Song


Connecting music, lyrics, film, narrative, Susanne Gervay’s ‘That’s Why I Wrote This Song’ leaps into youth culture and music in the journey of four teenage girls and a brother. It goes to the heart of relationships with fathers – the good, the bad and the psycho – and how that impacts on relationship with boys and girls, family and friends, and their lives. It explores identity – dependence-independence, friendship, family relationships, different culturals, spirituality, sexuality, love to promises and hopes, set against the youth music scene.

The Collaboration of Susanne and Tory Gervay

That’s Why I Wrote This Song is the special collaboration of mother-daughter -Susanne and her teen daughter Tory Gervay. Tory wrote the original lyrics and music of the songs that drive the narrative of That’s Why I Wrote This Song:Psycho Dad and I Wanna Be Found.

In an emotional mother-daughter roller coaster, Susanne wove Tory’s lyrics, music and themes into ‘That’s Why I Wrote This Song’. The songs, lyrics, sheet music can be downloaded. The video clip of Psycho Dad was played on ABC TV’s RAGE.

The launch was packed at Bondi Pavillion at Bondi Beach with Tory singing and the band Not Perfect playing perfectly.

Creating the Video Clip of Psycho Dad

The young people of the beaches of Sydney were incredibly generous with their joy, craziness and fantasticness in creating the video clip for Psycho Dad. All the thankyous are listed at the bottom of the video clip of Psycho Dad.

For the photo shoot of the cover, Tory’s girlfriends posed on the cover.

Rachel Guerry, a talented girl Susanne knew since she was born, produced the video clip Psycho Dad.

Kids from Tory’s school and Bondi Beach community jumped into the pool for the video clip. Susanne did too.

Tullia Mawter was amazing and she played the main part in the video clip. The underwater shots were cold and challenging.