British High Commission Library, SCBWI India, Scholastic India, Publishers & Indian Authors

British High Commission Library, SCBWI India, Scholastic India, Publishers & Indian Authors

India is on the cusp of launching into a new era of children’s writing. 

I had the privilege of being invited by the head of SCBWI India, writer Jyota Singth Visvanath to launch SCBWI India at the British High Commission Library, Delhi. 

Jyoti has been published in the prestigious magazines Highlights and Cricket in the USA, and has had a hugely successful series of non fiction children’s books with sales of 1.5 million books.

Jyoti Singh Visvanath,Regional Advisor SCBWI India,Susnne Gervay,Delhi bookshop,Buying 'Fear Factor: Terror Incognito

I spoke about publishing, writing for kids and young adults with the Sayoni Basu Managing Director of Scholastic India and the dynamic Anita from a significant Indian publisher. There were wonderful Indian authors and illustrators there. Swati Roy Bookseller from EUREKA, The Bookstore for the Young  is so enthusiastic about youth literature.

Siddhartha Sarma was in the audience. His YA novel, ‘the grasshopper’s run’ published by Scholastic is a powerful book set in 1944 exposing the imperial Japanese Army’s invasion of British India. It’s a wonderful book, a sign of the talent in Indian youth writing.

The event was enthusiastic, enquiring and filled with the energy of new ideas and passion for writing. SCBWI India, British High Commission Library,DelhiLaunch SCBWI India,Scholastic India,British High Commisson Library

There was interested discussion on young adult literature and censorship.  While Indian teens were reading Twilight and all sorts of literature, there is difficulty in schools and parents accepting ‘search for identity’ YA literature.  The Cave by Susanne Gervay, read from it at SCBWI India launch,British High Commission LibraryI discussed my YA books and opened discussion on ‘The Cave’ and censorship.

I'm a writer committed to kids in particular. Adults are good too. Want to bring hope through story to my readers. Awarded an Order of Australia, Lady Cutler Award and a Lifetime International Award for Literacy for my body of work, spreading literacy is really important. I'm head of SCBWI Australia East & New Zealand, patron of Monkey Baa Theatre, Ambassador for the Premier's Reading Challenge, Writer Ambassador for Room to Read ... among other roles. I also love heritage and adapting to enhance the lives of people today, which is why I restored The Hughenden Hotel 1870s and The Residences Centennial Park - the only homes in the parklands which are open now for accommodation, events and lots of nature.


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