GOA,Indian-Australian Conference,Launching Fear Factor:Terror Incognito

GOA,Indian-Australian Conference,Launching Fear Factor:Terror Incognito

Mridusmita Baruah, IASA Goa, International Conference Centre  Fear Factor Terror Incognito,Meenakshi Bharat,Sharon Rundle,Sir Salman Rushdie,Thomas Keneally,David Malouf,Susanne Gervay,The Hughenden,Goa, IASA ConferenceTropical gardens, coconut palms, beautiful saris, a balmy night and dancing under open skiies to open this conference of friendship, literature and Indian-Australian relations.

The anthology Fear Factor:Terror Incognito with stories by Sir Salman Rushdie,Tom Keaneally … me .. was launched at the IASA Conference in GOA.

The audience included many professors from universities throughout India, the Australian Assistant High Commissioner to India, Indira Gandhi National Open University and the eminent academics Professor Santosh Sareen and Professor D Gopal.

Sujata read from her story in the anthology and I read from Days of Thailand, my story in the anthology. Meenakshi Bharat and Sharon Rundle, the Indian and Australian editors receieved applause and accolades for their commitment to an anthology which opens discussion on terrorism in a real way and connects India and Australia in the commonality to a peaceful world.

Fear Factor Terror Incognito, the Australian edition will be launched by Picador at The Hughenden 21st March 2010

Beaches GOA,IASA Conference,India and Australia Negotiating Change, 18-21st January 2010Indira Ganhi National Open University,delegates of IASA Conference Goa,Sharon Rundle editor of Fear Factor Terror IncognitoOpening dinner, IASA Conference GOA

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  1. Susanne 8 years ago

    To Rembo

    The joy of meeting you, dancing under Goan stars, sharing the creative and intellectual life, gave us a pleasure to take home to Australia. Thankyou always

    Sharon Rundle, Susanne Gervay and Bill (who loves the black cow boy hat you bought him.)


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