I Am Jack Series


Who can believe that the I am Jack books started because my son was bullied at school?

After my son won against school bullying, I asked him if it was all right to write I Am Jack.

‘Write it Mum. For other kids who get bullied, for kids who bully, for parents and teachers and everyone – so it doesn’t happen.’

In the four I Am Jack books, you’ll find stories that are real, engage and make life better.


The I Am Jack books are illustrated by Walkley Award winning political cartoonist Cathy Wilcox. She has captured Jack and his community with humour and pathos. The  I Am Jack books published in Australia and internationally are all illustrated by Cathy.

Who is Jack?

Jack’s a kid – just like you or your best mate or he’s like your brother or son. You just know him and cheer for him even when he’s making fungus in one of his experiments.

He loves photography and jokes. He’s a great comedian. Well, he thinks so.

Jack plays soccer, but he’s into football too, surfing and sport.

Einstein’s his hero. Jack invents things. He could be a scientist one day.

Jack’s part of a chaotic mix-master family with a ‘rough diamond’ surfer stepdad- type-guy around, his waddling Nanna, a fun freethinking Mum, a younger sister who’s in love with dogs and doing her hair. Grandad’s died, but he’s there with Jack in spirit. JACK’s mate Christopher’s parents run the Vietnamese bakery – great for Nanna who loves cookies. Paul’s his mate. There’s a couple of dogs thrown in and Puss. Then there’s Italian Anna whose parents run the fruitology market. Anna’s the girl next door – and Jack likes her – a lot.

Jack is a REAL kid with a REAL family inspired by Susanne’s family and community. See what Jack’s real family looks like!

Jack’s is based on Susanne’s son who is annoying, funny, can fix nearly anything … and she loves him and calls him DARLING. He gets really mad about that.

He’d do anything for his family and friends – even though he jokes about it. He’s the man of the house, but wants to know who his father is. He’s the kid who was bullied like many kids. He made it through bullying with the support of family and friends and became the Jack who stands beside others.

He stands beside his mother, even more when she got sick. He stands beside his mates even when they’re attacked.

He even stands beside his sister Samantha, when she’s irritating him with yet another dog project.

Jump inside the I AM JACK books and discover that Jack’s a winner. He makes us know that we can be winners too.