Being Jack


Being Jack is a stand alone novel and also the 4th in the I Am Jack books.

Jack tells jokes, has good mates, plays sport, loves surfing, doing crazy experiments and likes reading. He takes great photos and loves eating, especially his Mum’s banana cake.

But underlying the jokes and all things JACK, is that deep heart kids have. He’d put his life down for his family and his mates and certainly Anna. He misses his Grandad. He’s the man of the house, but wants to know who his father is. He’s the kid who was bullied like many kids, survived with the support of family and friends and became the Jack who stands beside others. He stands beside his Mum when she faces breast cancer. He stands beside Christopher when he’s attacked for being Asian.

He even stands beside his sister Samantha, when she’s irritating him with yet another dog project.

Jack’s a winner. We all feel like winners too.

Being Jack is Real

Jack was bullied and it changed him. He worked through it with the support of family, school, friends, community and believing in himself again. It took a long time to get back his confidence. He changed from that experience and would always stand up for others when they are bullied and/or targeted. He is a really good friend.

As a sole parent, Susanne Gervay’s children were always looking for and trying to work out a relationship with their father. Jack loved his grandfather who passed away and he misses him. Grandad is a hero to him. Jack gets on with ‘Rob’ – the step-dad – but Jack’s on a search for a relationship with his father, wherever he is.

Jack loves jokes and mucking around. He can be very annoying and loud. But he believes everyone should have a chance to be all they can be.

What people are saying?

‘’While the series has come to an end, I Am Jack will continue to empower young adults.”

‘Beating the bullies’, Feature writer Erin Holohan YOURS Magazine 

Saying goodbye to a character (Jack) loved by children the world over was always going to be hard but …. Hero beats the bullies’

Feature writer Jessica Clement Daily Telegraph

Being Jack raises awareness of literacy. The BENEFIT for Room to Read partnered with the launch of BEING JACK at Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre, Darling Harbour – (can this be a link) which packed the theatre in support of literacy and NO to bullying.

Destination Literacy


  • One student in four is affected by bullying at school, says recent research.
  • An estimated 200 million children and youth around the world are being bullied by their peers, according to the 2007 Kandersteg Declaration Against Bullying in Children and Youth.
  • Kids who are bullied are three times more likely to show depressive symptoms, says the Centre for Adolescent Health.
  • Children who were bullied were up to nine times more likely to have suicidal thoughts, say some studies.
  • Girls who were victims of bullying in their early primary school years were more likely to remain victims as they got older, according to British research.
  • Children who were frequently bullied by their peers were more likely to develop psychotic symptoms in their early adolescence, says more UK research.
  • Girls were much more likely than boys to be victims of both cyber and traditional bullying, says a recent Murdoch Children’s Research Institute study.
  • Children as young as three can become victims of bullying, says Canadian research.
  • Young people who bully have a one in four chance of having a criminal record by the age of 30.
  • Bullying is the fourth most common reason young people seek help from children’s help services.

Through emotionally engaging in story through the I Am Jack books, readers become fellow travellers in Jack’s life, empathise and discover strategies to create a safer world for themselves and others.