Kane Miller Publishers taking ‘Butterflies’ to USA Book Expo May 2011

Kane Miller Publishers taking ‘Butterflies’ to USA Book Expo May 2011


Butterflies by Susanne Gervay,published by Kane Miller USA 2011, Gervay's 'Butterflies' at New York World Burn Congress


Butterflies is a love story

– a girl and a boy; sisters; girlfriends;  family; search for identity & being all you can be.

 The journey writing ‘Butterflies’:-

years of  in-depth interviews, extensive reading, hospital immersion, research

the writing and re-writing to capture love, family, search for identity

understanding it from a deep personal place

The agenda:-

 Butterflies would reflect the real stories & journeys of  young people and families.

It would be  story where disability (burns)  is part of the fabric of life, but not life itself.

The main character Katherine  would be complex like all human beings with a real family, a background and a personality that reaches from the page into the lives of readers and unites us in our dreams, hopes, belief in the future.


Butterflies recognised by IBBY as outstanding literature on disability

– Flown to speak at the New York Burn Congress about the inspirational nature of Butterflies

Meeting Kim Phuc who set up the Kim Foundation for the child survivors of war; the 9 year old Vietamese girl running from napalm in the 1972 Nick Ut photo; who also spoke  at NY World Congress

– Louise Sauvage World Sportsperson of the Year of Disability’s endorsement of Butterflies

Endorsement by The Children’s Hospital Westmead Sydney

– Translation into Bahasa, Indonesia

– beautiful emails from readers –

suzanne, before reading butterflies i thought the only way to be pretty was to be perfect, the hair the face the looks, but it’s not true

I have just finished reading Butterflies and I must say it is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read

Today as I was reading butterflies, I tried very hard to put myself in Katherine’s shoes. I cried more than I usually do. I just love the way you describe how show feels, and her surroundings.

Thanks for giving me the joy of reading your work,

Thankyou to Kira Lynn, Publisher for Kane Miller USA in believing in ‘Butterflies’.

In May 2011 ‘Butterflies’ will be at the USA Book Expo.

Kim Phuc -the little girl who ran from napalm Vietnam 1972





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