I AM JACK supports National Day of Action Against Bullying

I AM JACK supports National Day of Action Against Bullying

I AM JACK for National Day of Action Against BullyingLove that 1869 schools across Australia are standing beside each other on National Day of Action Against Bullying on 18th March

‘I Am Jack’ is out there supporting BULLYING NO WAY! at schools – Bondi Beach Public School , Glenmore Street Public School  and others.

Thankyou to beautiful Bondi Beach Public School for celebrating ‘I Am Jack’ with the fabulous mural in your playground – celebrating diversity and ‘I Am Jack’ and NO BULLYING and safe schools. @sgervay @schoolbullying @cbcansw


I'm a writer committed to kids in particular. Adults are good too. Want to bring hope through story to my readers. Awarded an Order of Australia, Lady Cutler Award and a Lifetime International Award for Literacy for my body of work, spreading literacy is really important. I'm head of SCBWI Australia East & New Zealand, patron of Monkey Baa Theatre, Ambassador for the Premier's Reading Challenge, Writer Ambassador for Room to Read ... among other roles. I also love heritage and adapting to enhance the lives of people today, which is why I restored The Hughenden Hotel 1870s and The Residences Centennial Park - the only homes in the parklands which are open now for accommodation, events and lots of nature.


  1. Denae Vanderplas 2 years ago

    Dear Susanne,

    Sorry that I haven’t kept in touch for the past while! I have been really busy.!.

    Do you have any tips for starting books? Sometimes when I start a book I have really good ideas for the start, but then I write them and stop writing that story because I don’t have any ideas for the rest of the story.

    Will you be speaking at the Tamar Valley Writers Festival this weekend?? I ask because I might be going there this weekend. If you are, do you mind to tell me when and where?

    Kind Regards from a happy fan
    Denae Vanderplas.x

  2. Author
    Susanne 2 years ago

    Hi Denae

    My tip is to have an idea and then keep asking Why? What? How? That will help you continue. So with I AM JACK – the idea is BULLYING. The questions are why was he bullied What happened? How did her react? …… until the final question – did he win against it? Lose? Or what?

    I was going to the Tamar Valey Writers festival but couldn’t make it – wonderful authors Deborah Abela, Belidna Murrell, Jacqueline Harvey and others will be there. Tell them you know me and say hello.

    Keep reading and writing – it bring wisdom.


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