Paper Tigers Ezine ROUND the WORLD Reading Challenge~David Almond & ‘Always Jack’

Paper Tigers Ezine ROUND the WORLD Reading Challenge~David Almond & ‘Always Jack’


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Round the World Reading Challenge

It was especially felt to have ‘Always Jack’ and a book by David Almond paired as recommended read for the Round the World Reading Challenge.

 I met David Almond at The Hughenden in Sydney when he was on a speaking tour. He is such a deeply thoughtful writer as he explores the human condition and translates it in his evocative books.

The full review for ‘Always Jack’ is available on:- .

Susanne Gervay's Always Jack, illustrated by Cathy Wilcox, Cancer Council endorsement, National breast & Ovarian Cancer Centre, Cancer Australia, Australian Family Therapists' Award 2011, Cathy Wilcox illustrator 'Always Jack' awarded the Society of Women Writers' Biennial Book AwardaAlways Jack was another great read. We loved the previous two books in the series, especially I Am Jack, so our expectations were high and we were not disappointed. Jack himself is, as ever, a well-rounded blend of confidence and insecurity, determined to get the last word with one of his (usually) funny jokes. Several highly charged themes run through the book, including cancer (Jack’s mother), dementia (his Nan), and the Vietnam War (through Jack and his best friend Christopher’s joint school project into their family histories). The book made us laugh; it made us sad (and me cry); and it made us think.

…. It  highlights the importance of keeping the channels of communication open, in the case of illness in a family, or indeed of creating those channels between generations in the first place … wholeheartedly recommend Always Jack and just wish there could be more.

Cancer Council endorses Susanne Gervay's 'Always Jack', The Society of Women Writers Biennial Book AwardFamily Therapist Award, The Society of Women Writers Biennial Book AwardRoom to Read endorses Susanne Gervay's 'I AM JACK'

I'm a writer committed to kids in particular. Adults are good too. Want to bring hope through story to my readers. Awarded an Order of Australia, Lady Cutler Award and a Lifetime International Award for Literacy for my body of work, spreading literacy is really important. I'm head of SCBWI Australia East & New Zealand, patron of Monkey Baa Theatre, Ambassador for the Premier's Reading Challenge, Writer Ambassador for Room to Read ... among other roles. I also love heritage and adapting to enhance the lives of people today, which is why I restored The Hughenden Hotel 1870s and The Residences Centennial Park - the only homes in the parklands which are open now for accommodation, events and lots of nature.


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