Psychic Susan Taylor, Author Felicity Pulman, Pianist Tom Marr~ another day at The Hughenden

Psychic Susan Taylor, Author Felicity Pulman, Pianist Tom Marr~ another day at The Hughenden

Another day at The Hughenden:-

Felicity Pulman's Janna Mysteries, available Amazon, at The Hughenden Boutique Hotel Woollahra– a gathering of authors including Moya Simons, Vashi Farrer, Mary Small, Patricia Bernard to celebrate Felicity Pulman’s final 2 books in her historical romances Janna Mysteries

– a meeting with Stephan Wellink the Executive Producer who is working on a feature film of my JACK books.

– lunch with Mara Williams in transit from a Feminist Conference in Adelaide stopping at The Hughenden before she heads home, the daughter of US author and friend Suzanne Morgan Williams

– in it’s early stages, I read Suzanne’s manuscript of her moving expose of soldiers coming home to rural USA in the award winning  Bull Rider – Margaret K. McElderry Books

– dinner with my favourite psychic Susan Taylor who does readings at The Hughenden and is here for some media

–  enjoying the music of pianist Tom Marr on the baby grand over dinner

– the famous Hughenden passionfruit souflee left everyone speechless!!!

Susanne Gervay author, Susan Taylor pyschic, Mara Williams, True Local journalist, The Hughenden Cafe Restaurant WoollahraThe Hughenden Cafe Restaurant passionfruit Souffle,enjoying with psychic Susan TaylorTom Marr pianist at The Hughenden Cafe Restaurant, WoollahraSusan Taylor pyschic, Becky Wicks author, The Hughenden Hotel lounge Woollahra





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