World Premiere- David Williamson’s 50th play-add The Chasers- Wow!

World Premiere- David Williamson’s 50th play-add The Chasers- Wow!
Susanne Gervay, The Chasers' Craig Reucasssel and Isabella Tannock

Susanne Gervay, The Chasers’ Craig Reucasssel and Isabella Tannock

‘I was nauseous & tingly all over. I was either in love or I had smallpox.’—Woody Allen

There’s a lot of small pox going around in David Williamson’s 50th play – with everything from real estate agents, fitness gurus, having babies, jokes and lots more jokes  – and love of course (whatever love is).

‘Jack of Hearts’ is fast, with quick scene changes, clever-funny lines, in a comedy of relationships inspired by human weaknesses – self interest, convenience, betrayal, long term friendships, low self esteem, high self esteem and more. It’s hilarious.

Every high school student reads and/or sees a David Williamson play breeding a generation of adult theatre goers who love Williamson’s satire of relationships in today’s society. Throw in stand-up comedy with the insane, talented, funny The Chasers’  Chris Taylor and Craig Reucassel and it’s a winner.

Wherever The Chasers perform – you can smell a ‘rat’ well a ‘mouse’ – they send up everything – and what a brilliant idea of David Williamson to inDavid Williamson Chris Taylor as Jack and Craig Reucassel as Stu in David Williamson's JACK OF HEARTS-45vite two of The Chasers to star in his new play ‘Jack of Hearts’.

The Chaser’s Chris Taylor gives three stand-up gigs within the play. It’s original and a play within a play. Is that Shakespeare? Not quite, but it’s very good.

Craig Reucassell acts his ‘socks off’. In The Chasers you love him, but as the real estate agent in ‘Jack of Hearts’ you hate him and his sleazy selfish life. I call that great acting.

Paige Gardiner nails it as the self centred wife of the hapless JACK (Chaser’s Chris Taylor)

Peter Mochrie who you love to hate is perfect as the narcissistic aging muck-raking TV presenter.

Christa Nicola is a feisty and funny foil to the two other wives with her sharp observations. You hope the hapless JACK lands up with her.

Brooke Satchwell – well, I have to admit I am a Brooke Satchwell fan and she’s plays the endlessly betrayed wife of the real estate agent with energy and a great array of emotions.

Tall David Williamson playwright with short fan.

Tall David Williamson playwright with short fan.

Isabella Tannock had me laughing until I cried as the love squeeze’ of the real estate agent.

The stage craft focusing on a brash and fast paced Sydney is spot on.

This is true farce and the audience are falling off their seats with laughter.

Chatted with David Williamson at the world premiere of his 50th play – he’s very tall, award winning and passionate about play writing. He has been part of generations of Australian and international theatre and film and continues to entertain us.

Just see this play and laugh.

Ensemble Theatre 78 McDougall Street Kirribilli NSW Australia 2061


Ensemble Theatre 78 McDougall Street Kirribilli NSW Australia 2061


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Baylys Restaurant: Fax: (02) 9954 4722

From 29 Jan to 2 April 2016


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