Short Stories and Anthologies

Short stories is a great passion. I write stories that are quick, strong, emotional and personal.

One of my first short stories was published in the University of Sydney literary journal Southerly. It was informed by the horrors of Roumania and their AIDS testing and abuse of children during the time of Nicolae Ceaușescu and the hope for the future. Read – The Baby is Sweet

I’ve written a substantial number of short stories that have been published in literary journals such as Mattoid, Voices, Hermes, Westerly, Quadrant and others. I have also contributed to anthologies.

Susanne Gervay

Fear Factor Terror Incognito

Edited by Meenakshi Bharat & Sharon Rundle
Published by Picador India and Australia

ISBN9 780330 426213

“In English and in English translation, uttered in many different voices like so many rockets launched from different points of a devastated landscape, there rises from the pages of this astonishing book the sound that today drowns every other concern in all but the most remote and isolated parts of the earth . . . The writers in the Bharat/Rundle anthology do not offer solutions. Instead, they lead readers along the hidden paths of an unfamiliar psychology to make their own discoveries.”   Yasmine Gooneratne

Twenty authors from Australia and the Indian Subcontinent contributed stories about the impact of terrorism on ordinary people for this collaborative volume. The authors include Booker Prize winners Sir Salman Rushdie and Thomas Keneally, shortlisted Booker Prize winner David Malouf, Rosie Scott, Susanne Gervay,  Gulzar … the Indian contributors are leading lights in their country.

Read ‘Days of Thailand’ in ‘Fear factor: Terror Incognito’ by Susanne Gervay –  Days of Thailand in Fear Factor

Susanne Gervay

Alien Shores

Published by Brass Monkey Books Australia, imprint of UQP.
Editors: Meenakshi Bharat and Sharon Rundle (Eds)
Publish Date: May 2012
ISBN-13:9780980863932; ISBN-10:0980863937

Geoffrey Rush, in his speech as Australian of the Year, put out a call to the writers of Australia, saying that he wanted to see the ‘stories of people wanting to come here at great peril to their lives, with such extraordinary bravery’, adding that: ‘we’re not finding that human scale in the story and I think it’d be good if we did that because I think people would discuss the arguments with less overly emotive responses to primal knee-jerk reactions.’

Alien Shores is a powerful response to Geoffrey Rush’s call. A collaboration of renowned Australia and Indian authors, Alien Shores are the stories of the refugee experience. Sharon Rundle writer and editor of ‘Alien Shores’ opened the launch with a reading from Rosie Scott’s foreword: ‘ The power of literature to move people, allow us to see into one another’s hearts, to foster compassion and understanding and inspire political action works in a way that almost nothing else does. This anthology ‘Alien Shores’ edited by Sharon Rundle and Meenakshi Bharat, following on from the success of their first anthology ‘The Fear Factor’ does just that. In this unique collaboration between Indian and Australian writers these stories describe the experiences of refugees in powerful and poignant detail.’

Contributor Dr Andrew Kwong read from his moving story ‘Rose Petal Path’. Andrew escaped alone as a twelve year old boy, from persecution in China to Hong Kong. He eventually came to Australia where he studied medicine and today practices as a respected doctor on the Central Coast.

Susanne Gervay OAM launched ‘Alien Shores’. The child of Hungarian refugees, her family’s experiences reach into her writing be it for adults or children. Her acclaimed picture book ‘Ships in the Field’ is a deeply personal book –‘ It is … the story of what lies at the heart of our national identity, and that includes our multicultural heritage.’ ( Canberra Times) Susanne Gervay’s contribution to “Alien Shores’, her story ‘Remembering Timor Leste’ recognises the impact of war on the children and families of Timor Leste as they find home in Darwin.

Stories by Linda Jaivin, Arnold Zable, Amitav Ghosh, Jamil Ahmad, Abdul Karim Hekmat, Sophie Masson, Anu Kumar, Deepa Agarwal, Michelle Cahill and others are included in ‘Alien Shores’.

Susanne Gervay

Only Connect

Short fiction about Technology and Us from Australia and the Indian subcontinent
Meenakshi Bharat & Sharon Rundle
Published Brass Monkey Books ABN 9 780987 514318 Australia; Rupa India

Read ONLY CONNECT Foreword by Susanne Gervay

As part of these anthologies, I was invited to speak about ‘Fear Factor: Terror Incognitio’ in GOA at the Australian Indian Australian Studies – fabulous conference with academics and writers from all over India.

There was intellectual debate, friendship and great times.

Indian-Australian anthologies

Professor Meenakshi Bharat author and academic at the University of Delhi and Sharon Rundle, author and academic at University of Technology Sydney, led the development of Australian-Indian anthologies as a bridge between these countries and a voice for social justice internationally. The three anthologies were launched at The Hughenden to huge crowds and acclaim – Fear Factor: Terror Incognito published 2010; Alien Shores published 2012; Only Connect published 2014.