I Am Jack Series – Bullying! No Way!


Jack is your best mate, whatever happens. You’ve always got a friend in the I Am Jack books

Susanne Gervay

I Am Jack

NO Bullying. No excuse. No reason. No way!

Strong people stand up for themselves. But the strongest stand up for others. (Plato)

I am Jack was written when my son was bullied at school. He’s a great kid, like all kids, except when they’re annoying of course!

After Jack won against school bullying (which was really hard), I asked him if it was all right to write I Am Jack.

‘Write it Mum. For other kids who get bullied, for kids who bully, for parents and teachers and everyone – so it doesn’t happen.’

I Am Jack  is read by hundreds of thousands, of kids in Australia.  It’s published in the USA, Turkey and lots of countries, even Slovenia. It’s even in Braille, so all kids can read I Am Jack and have Jack as a mate.

Endorsed by Room to Read, the Alannah & Madeline Foundation. Life Education Australia, Pacer anti bullying and many anti bullying organisations and programs.

Study Guide for   I Am Jack

Chapter 1 of I Am Jack

Trailer by US publisher Kane Miller of I Am Jack


Jack’s Jokes

Drama Guide for I Am Jack

Stop bullying – Go to   Bullying No Way and  Pacer Anti Bullying 

Susanne Gervay

Super Jack

Kids are Super Heroes

You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think. (Christopher Robin).

Inspired by my family splitting, blending and changing, Super Jack is funny and emotional. Jack has a lot to deal with, but he’s a hero like all kids and navigates it all.

‘Divorce may be common but it is painful. Susanne Gervay writes humorously but with honesty about the rigours of living in a mix-master family.’ The Weekend Age News, Review Section

Endorsed by Life Education, Australia

Super Jack is a stand-alone novel, and 2nd book in the I Am Jack series.

Study Notes in Super Jack

Chapter 1

Reviews Super Jack

Teaching Activities for Super Jack – more activities in Resources

Susanne Gervay

Always Jack

Dealing with the big issues

The important thing is to not stop questioning (Einstein)

 ‘Jack deals with big issues such as cancer, death, divorce, grandparents, sibling rivalry, friendships, refugees and the Vietnam War … Jack is Gervay’s vehicle for spreading words of wisdom …  (you) empathise with Jack, love his sensitive introspection and his wisecracks …

Part survival manual, part therapy, part autobiography, part fiction, beautiful, sad, funny, Always Jackwill make you laugh and make you cry. Guaranteed. …Jack’s story will stay with readers always.’ Sun-Herald Review

As a multiple breast cancer survivor, with two fantastic kids, I wrote Always Jack so kids always know they can question, find answers, share issues with family and friends and not be scared. Everything’ll be all right.

Endorsed by the Cancer Council, NSW.

Always Jack is a stand alone book, and 3rd book in the I Am Jack series.

Study Guide for Always Jack

Chapter 1 for Always Jack

Cook Jack’s banana cake

Running for Relay to Life – carries the  Cancer  Council’s yellow daffodil.

Susanne Gervay

Being Jack

Standing up to ALL Bullying. No Cyber Bullying. No way!

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. (Aristotle)

Can’t believe that my Jack’s turning 13. But he has stuff to do before that. He wants to find his dad, even if his Dad might not want to see him. Jack has to decide to stand up for his mate against cyber bullying. He’s working out what’s right and wrong, and what sort of person he’s going to be.

“The I Am Jack books will continue to empower young people.” The Age. Susanne Gervay’s Being Jack hits back at bullies.

Launched and endorsed by Room to Read, bringing literacy to more than 12 million kids in Asia and Africa.

Being Jack is a stand alone novel and 4th  in  the I Am Jack books.

Study Guide for Being Jack

Promoting empathy with the I Am Jack books

Monkey Baa’s I Am Jack

I Am Jack, the play, has been adapted by Eva Di Cesare, Sandra Eldridge and Tim McGarry, the artistic directors of Monkey Baa Theatre.

It has had eight outstanding tours across Australia from Sydney, the Outback to Perth. It has also had two successful tour across the USA from Las Vegas, Los Angeles to upstate New York.

The play performed to a packed audience as a fund raiser for Room to Read, celebrating the final book Being Jack in Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Stage Guides for adaptation of I Am Jack

Reviews for play

Resources and notes   the Press on the I Am Jack series for resources for drama notes