I Am Jack


I Am Jack is REAL

Jack’s inspired by Susanne Gervay’s son who is annoying, funny, can fix nearly anything… and she loves him and calls him DARLING. He gets really mad about that.

He’d do anything for his family and friends – even though he jokes about it.

Jack didn’t understand how he ended up targeted, isolated, bullied, until it wasn’t funny anymore. He was afraid, powerless, victimised.  When the parent of Anna, Jack’s friend rang to tell Susanne that her son was in deep trouble, she could hardly breathe with the pain of it.

It was a hard journey to win against bullying, but Jack did because the secrecy was broken, because his mother stood beside him, his family, his friends, his teacher and school were there. His mates came back and he found himself again and Jack fought for who he was.

I Am Jack – a book that makes a difference against school bullying- Reaching Kids, Parent, Teachers, Community across the world.

Michael Cathcart’s ABC radio interview with Susanne Gervay

Susanne Gervay’s Being Jack hits back at bullies

One in four children are affected by bullying.

It’s a shocking figure and while reports that school yard taunts and physical attacks have decreased in the past few years, there’s no room for complacency, because cyber bullying is on the rise.

There are many initiatives to help address bullying, including series of books tackling difficult issues that children face in the school yard and increasingly in social media.

Susanne Gervay is the author and she’s about to launch Being Jack, the fourth and final chapter in the life of Jack, a boy who likes science experiments, surfing and photography.

Jack is lovingly surrounded by a madcap bunch of family and friends. In this book he has survived and even triumphed over the bullyboys, but his close friend becomes a target.

What people are saying

Anti-bullying is unfortunately a topic that resonates world wide. The opportunity to engage students first in reading I am Jack and then attending the theatre performance was extremely powerful. As a performing arts centre we are committed to connecting to classroom and social learning. Presenting I am Jack gave us the opportunity to work side ‐ by side with the school district to dramatically support the anti- bullying message in a way truly connected with young people. I  for one was very proud of  the deep reflective thought of all of the students (engendered through I Am Jack).

Candy Schneider
Education Manager Smith Center for the Performing Arts Las Vegas

“I Am Jack is a wonderful book recognising the importance of kids, reading and literacy.”

John Wood
Co-founder of Room to Read World Change starts with Educated Children

“I Am Jack is a rare treasure. This endearing and realistic book presents the authentic voice of a young person who is bullied; bystanders, friends, and family members who help him; and educators who protect and support him. Every person in this story has a positive role in stopping bullying behaviour. I recommend this book highly.”

Stan Davis
Anti-school bullying advocate.
Author of Schools Where Everyone Belongs and Empowering Bystanders in Bullying prevention.

“Gervay deals with a sensitive topic with insight and gentle humour. I am Jack should be compulsory reading for every parent, teacher, and child aged 8 to 12. It is a truly wonderful book.”

Aussie Reviews

“I Am Jack celebrates kids. Unique, valuable kids who deserve the right to take pride in their own special qualities.”

Life Education Australia.
Kids for a safer and smarter life.


Susanne Gervay’s I AM JACK is a significant resource for parents, students and teachers. School bullying can have a devastating effect on a child and the school community. It can happen to anyone. Through story journey I AM JACK emotionally engages the bullied, bully, other children, teachers, parents exploring ways to create a safer place.