‘A moving and wonderful experience.’ … ‘A very interesting and fantastically creative author’ … ‘Interesting, engaging and funny. It is lovely to have an opportunity to meet such a wonderful author.’

Australian School Library Association Conference

‘Susanne is an inspiring speaker … Susanne has eloquently addressed Salisbury students and lectures …. Instigating invaluable discussion well beyond her talk.’

Professor Dr Ernie Bond, Chair Teacher Education Salisbury University Maryland USA.


Presentations and keynotes include conferences, festivals, workshops, writers’ camps from K-12 and professional development in many formats including skype, video conferences, radio-of-the-air in addition to personal presentations.

Professional Development – PD – to teachers, educational organisations, parents, community

Author talks including the inspiration, process, craft, curricula application, value of reading.

Practical and effective strategies for teachers, librarians, parents and those involved in education with a special focus on story as a successful strategy in:-

  • school bullying
  • creative writing
  • literacy

School Bullying with I Am Jack series – years 4 to 7

Susanne Gervay

Susanne Gervay’s presentation addresses bullying and personal development through emotional engagement with story and the highly acclaimed and endorsed I Am Jack books. With insights and strategies for:-

  • bullied
  • bully
  • by standers
  • teachers and parents
  • community

Meeting outcomes on: Literature, Literacy, Personal Development and anti-bullying policies.

I Am Jack books are endorsed by – Room to Read, Life Education Australia, The Cancer Council, Courage to Care, The Alannah & Madeline Foundation, PACER and many educational programs, schools and organisations.

Young Adult Books Presentation – years 8 – 12

Presentation on young adult literature – the inspiration, craft, research, relevance, application to across the curricula in areas such as drama, art, technology, music, PDPHE, ethics, disability, gender equity, multi-culturalism.

For ‘That’s Why I Wrote This Song’ – presentation with a special focus on multi modal YA novel with a collaborative and integrative approach that incorporates prose, lyrics, music, technological components, films, performance, art, inviting students to test, analyse, contextualise, explore, shape values and ideologies across mediums.

‘The Cave’ has a focus on male search for identity

‘Butterflies’ has a focus on female search for identity.

Workshops and presentation on development of students’ creative work.

Susanne GervaySusanne Gervay 

Picture Book & Visual Literacy Presentation – K to 12

Presentations on picture books and the integration of narrative of text and illustrations, visual literacy, multi dimensional themes.

Gracie and Josh – Interactive presentation – years K to 3

  • with song ‘Incy Wincy Spider’, drama, literary and visual interpretation of ‘Gracie and Josh’, exploring sibling relationships, inclusion.

Ships in the Field Presentation – Immigration and Refugees – years 3-6

  • literary and visual journey of refugees finding a new home, universal context, historical and current, ethics, translating autobiographical into fictional text and illustrations.

Elephants Have Wings Presentation – Philosophy and Ethics – Discovery – K-12

Elephants Have Wings is unique in its appeal and relevance to all ages. The presentations are adapted to each age groups.

  • for Infants there is engagement with the narrative and illustrations, the students’ own artistic impressions of the elephants, questions of what is the secret of the elephant, engagement with Asia and Eastern cultures.
  • for primary students, presentation of visual literacy and the motifs and symbolism through the text and illustrations, exploration of ethics and culture, discovery of the philosophical question – What is truth?
  • for Senior Students the presentation is highly enriched with exploration of the relationship between text and art, multi faiths, motifs, complex meanings in the discovery of what is humanity, its purpose, its conflict and beauty opening pathways for the students to make their own discoveries and continue to explore.

Bookings for Presentations

  • in Australia and internationally.

Range of presentations include:-

  • 1 hour/session talks
  • half day presentations
  • full day presentations of 3 one hour talks
  • limited writer-in-residence
  • keynotes
  • panels
  • festivals and conferences
  • workshops
  • other

Bookings can be made through her Speakers’ Agencies in Australia

Charges for presentation: General guideline is the Australian Society of Author (ASA) rates

Direct contact is

Study Guides and Teaching Notes are available on Resources

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